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2 1/2 - 31/2 years old​

4 - 5 years old​

Two Levels

6 - 8 years old​

Two Levels



Ballet Class

45 minutes class

Once class a week

Eight (8) children per class only

The perfect class for the youngest dancers 3 years of age! Our class focuses on creating a friendly environment where the young toddler will be introduced to the basics of ballet skills like fun activities. The child will develop basics skills like hopping, jumping, skipping and coordination. Other music elements are introduced to develop sense of rhythm and musicality.

Musical Kinder

Musical Kinder I & II

45 minutes class

One to two classes a week

Ten (10) children per class only

This class is designed to introduce your child to rhythm and movement through music, helping develop muscle coordination. It helps boys and girls develop motor skills with the use of music and games. We focus on movement, body control, rhythm and memory as the children lear through a fun routine of excersies and dance steps. Their confidence and self-esteem soar as they master new skills and become more self-assured and independent. Listening and direction following are emphasized in this class.

Pre Ballet

Pre Ballet I & II

1 hour class

2 classes per week

Twelve (12) children per class only

An introduction to ballet beginning with placement of body and progressing through basic steps, developing movement quality and musicality, and preparing the child for the excitement and discipline of the art of Ballet. It helps students learn body awareness, concentration, self-control, and respect. Space awareness is introduced through formations, laterality exercises and following basic combinations of steps that will increase their memory and coordination skills.


Music Initiation

Group class

Introduction to Music,

Rhythm and Music Reading

through games and singing

Once a week 45 minutes

Saturday 9:45 - 10:30am (ages 2-5)

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