5 to 8 years old

9 to 14 years old

Young Cavaliers Class


Young boys learn the fundamentals of ballet. Classes will focus on coordination, stretching, jumps and learning ballet concepts, applicable to both genders. Boys will also learn ways of accomplishing male-specific ballet vocabulary and male performance techniques.

It is highly recommended that young boys take an additional mixed gender class to better develop their social skills

1 hour class

One (1) class a week


Boys Class


Boys class is based on the Vaganova Method and introduce dance as a physically beneficial activity as well as an art form to develop male dancers and to strengthen both their bodies and minds. Boys will build strength, muscle tone, flexibility, stamina, balance, and coordination through a series of ballet movent and exercises. Classes will concentrate on a complete ballet class for the intermediate level. It will demand a higher level of concentration, technique, artistry, and mastery of skills set in the class. 


1 hour class

One (1) class a week


Vladimir Issaev School of Classical Ballet does not discriminate on the basis of any race, color, gender, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability, religious preference and national or ethnic origin.

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