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Ballet Master and Choreographer, Vladimir Issaev brings this new Ballet Class CD played by Cuban Pianist Maria Eugenia Del Frade. The CD contains Barre and certer exercises appropriate for any level from Beginners to Professionals. All pieces were carefully selected by both artists and interpreted on an acoustic piano by Maria Eugenia Del Frade. Composers include Minkus, Drigo, Pugni, Adam, Reinhol, Tchaikovsky and Del Frade herself. The music is perfect for the Vaganova Method Class. It includes reverence at the beginning and the end of the CD. All pieces have 64 counts or barres for better execution of the exercise. All tracks repeat except those of the reverence and stretch exercise. VLADIMIR ISSAEV (on the cover) Graduated with honors as Ballet Master Choreographer at the prestigious GITIS Institute of Arts in Moscow, having trained in the Vaganova Method by the most important teachers of the former Soviet Union. Previously he graduated as a professional dancer in Voronezh. Later on, he danced at the Odessa Opera House having Julius Plaht, one of the best teachers in Russia, as his Ballet Master. Mr. Issaev has been guest Ballet Master for several international companies. Mr. Issaev serves as Artistic Director, Ballet Master and Choreographer of Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida. MARIA EUGENIA DEL FRADE was born in Santiago de Cuba. She began her music studies at the Conservatorio Nacional de Oriente, where she graduated with a Major in Piano and, in addition, took courses of classical ballet for several years. For ten years, she was a faculty member of the NationalSchool of Ballet in Havana. Since relocating to Miami, in 1995, Ms. Del Frade has worked as a piano accompanist for the most reputable dance instructors, such as Alla Ospipenko and Tatiana Terekhovaduring the summer programs offered by Issaev s Ballet Company Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida. 


" The tempo and the choice of music is excellent for beginning to advanced ballet class especially if one is using the method of classical dance as established by Vaganova".


Ballet Technique Class Vol. 5

Vladimir issaev - Ballet Master

Maria eugenia del frade -  Pianist

Ballet technique class Vol.5.jpg
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