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Music Initiation

Group class

Introduction to Music,

Rhythm and Music Reading

through games and singing

Once a week 45 minutes

Saturday 9:45 - 10:30am (ages 2-5)


Our Musical Theatre classes Explore the different tools, techniques and vocabulary needed to successfully approach the wonderful world of Broadway Musicals. Our classes are designed to develop children's singing, acting and dancing abilities in the performing world.


This class is an exploration of the acting process. Students will work on theatre games and improvisation, monologues and scene work. Our main focus is to develop concentration and the ability to respond while on stage. Students will learn techniques to develop different characters.



During our singing classes students will learn the proper technique for musical theatre, healthy singing habits and excersices to strengthen the upper register, belting and propper use of their mixed voice with freedom, connection and achieve strenght.


Theatre Dance classes are an excellent way for students to explore the styles and techniques of Broadway choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Jack Cole, and Michael Bennett, among others. Dance classes will incorporate diverse dance techniques with contemporary music and performance sensibilities.

Musical Theatre Group

For students 7 to 14 years of age

Tuesday and Thursday from

Price: $

Performance fee $100 (twice a year)

Costume rental fee $65 (per costume)

Audition Process

Audition Information

Auditions are only for students 10 and up.

Auditions will be held Tuesday or Friday between 4:00pm and 7:00pm.

You must call to make an appointment to audition.

Audition Specifications:

1.  Bring a completed audition form and a headshot photo of yourself.

2.  Prepare 16 bars from any Broadway Musical which you will perform a cappella (check approved list attached)

3.  Prepare a 2 to 3 minutes memorized monologue (we will provide if needed)

Musical Theatre student’s expectations:

 . I understand that in class I am expected to work hard and be a self-motivator to improve my own performance.

 . I understand that I am a valued member of this ensemble and by being a member I will be giving and receiving constructive critiques of mine and other performances.

 . I understand that class attendance is extremely important and if I miss more than 2 consecutive classes or rehearsals I will not have the opportunity to get a solo in the performance.


 . I understand that I am ready to work hard, and be collaborative, cooperative and cheerful.

 . I understand that some rehearsals will fall on a weekend and this are very important for the entire production to be successful.

 . I understand that they might be additional fees to pay separately from the tuition; such as performance fee, costume rental fee, uniform fee; and that these fees must be paid in total by the due date.


All students must come with their uniform to the every class.


 Black leggings.

- Black AR Musical Theatre t-shirt.

- Black Jazz Shoes.

- Hair must be tight in a pony tail.



- Black shorts or sweat pants.

- Black or white t-shirt.

- Black Jazz Shoes.

Each student must bring a dance bag or backpack with: Jazz shoes, Tap shoes (if needed), an extra change of clothes, hair stuff and a binder folder to keep all their music and scripts.

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